Medical Scribe Tools Are Improving Healthcare, Here’s Why.

Apr 12, 2024

If you're in the medical field, you're likely overwhelmed with documentation tasks on top of an already demanding schedule. Medical scribe software is the solution. 

These advanced tools help clinicians focus on patient care by taking over the arduous task of documenting patient encounters in real-time. In this article, we’ll explore: 

  • The evolution of medical scribes

  • The functionality of medical scribe tools

  • Best medical scribe solutions

The Evolution of Medical Scribes

Historically, medical transcription was a task carried out by individuals skilled in understanding the jargon and nuances of the medical field. These scribes had the crucial job of converting the spoken word into accurate, accessible medical records. However, this process had its challenges, as human errors are relatively common. 

Studies have shown that clinical personnel encountered a transcription error rate of 3.7%. Frequently, these mistakes were significant and posed a risk of harm to patients if decisions were made based on these erroneous records. This is a considerable concern when these documents play critical roles in patient care and medical decision-making.

One of the primary challenges of manual transcription was the inherent complexity of medical language. Transcribers needed a deep understanding of medical terminology, procedures, and pharmacology to capture the patient's details. 

This requirement made it challenging to find individuals capable of performing this work at the needed level of accuracy and speed. Not to mention that the manual process was time-consuming and costly. 

As healthcare providers grappled with these issues, the evolution of medical scribe solutions began to take shape. 

These modern solutions incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to transcribe and interpret complex medical dialogue in real-time and with high accuracy. The medical scribe software significantly reduces the likelihood of errors, streamlines the documentation workflow, and ensures prompt record completion. 

The Functionality of Medical Scribe Tools

What can medical scribe tools do? Here are some of their capabilities:  

Documentation and Support

Modern medical scribe tools capture patient visits as they happen. This real-time support is crucial for maintaining the continuity of care, especially in fast-paced environments like emergency departments where timely information can significantly affect patient outcomes. 

Efficiency and Workflow Optimization

Efficiency and workflow optimization are among the most significant benefits of integrating medical scribe tools into healthcare practices. By automating the documentation process, these tools minimize manual entry errors, streamline the flow of patient information, and enhance the overall efficiency of medical teams. 

Because the documentation aspect of patient interaction is taken care of, it allows doctors to see more patients. 

Enhancing Provider-Patient Interaction

One of the critical advantages of using medical scribe tools is the enhancement of provider-patient interaction. With the burden of documentation lifted, providers can focus more attentively on the patient, fostering a better therapeutic relationship.

Accuracy and Compliance

Ensuring accuracy and compliance in medical documentation is paramount, given the stringent regulatory requirements and the critical role of documentation in patient safety. 

Medical scribe tools have features that help maintain high documentation accuracy and adhere to compliance standards such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

These tools often include error-checking algorithms and compliance prompts to reduce the risk of documentation errors and improve the quality of patient records. 

Specialized Knowledge and Adaptability

The ability to provide specialized knowledge and adaptability makes medical scribe tools invaluable across various medical specialties. 

Many of these tools come equipped with terminologies and knowledge bases specific to different fields of medicine. These features enable them to understand and document complex medical information accurately. This specialization ensures the documentation is precise and relevant to the care provided. 

Moreover, the adaptability of these tools allows for customization according to the unique workflows and practices of different healthcare providers. 

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into medical scribe tools represents a groundbreaking advancement in healthcare documentation. 

These technologies enable the tools to understand and process natural language and recognize speech patterns. They can even predict the information that needs to be documented based on the conversation's context. 

On average, a primary care doctor will likely receive 76.9 notifications in their EHR inbox daily, dedicating around 66.8 minutes daily to managing them. 

By reducing the time spent on note-taking, physicians can allocate more time to managing their patient panels efficiently within their regular work hours. As a result, they no longer need to extend their tasks beyond the day's end.

EHR System Compatibility and Customization

Ensuring compatibility with electronic health records systems is another critical area of technological advancement for medical scribe tools. By seamlessly integrating with EHRs, these tools can directly input documented encounters into a patient's medical record.

Furthermore, customization options allow the tools to fit different healthcare providers' specific workflows and documentation styles. It ensures the transition to using a medical scribe tool is smooth and that the tool adds value from day one. 

Remote Scribing Capabilities

The development of remote scribing capabilities is a technological advancement that has expanded the accessibility and utility of medical scribe services. Through secure internet connections, remote scribes can document appointments, regardless of their physical location. 

This innovation mainly benefits healthcare providers in rural or underserved areas with limited access to qualified medical scribes. Remote scribing increases the availability of scribe services and offers a solution to the challenges posed by physical space constraints within healthcare facilities. 

Security and Privacy Enhancements

In an age where data breaches are a significant concern, advancements in security and privacy technologies are paramount for medical scribe tools. Enhanced security measures ensure medical scribe tools comply with health information privacy regulations. 

These technological enhancements safeguard patient data and build trust among users, making these tools a reliable component of the healthcare documentation process.

Best Medical Scribe Solutions

If you want to incorporate medical scribe solutions into your practice, here are some of the tools we recommend: 

Fluent Health

Fluent Health provides a streamlined and intuitive platform renowned for its superior voice recognition technology. This technology makes the transcription process more accessible and more precise for healthcare practitioners. 

Here’s how doctors can use Fluent as their companion for patient interactions: 

Once logged into their account, physicians can begin a new patient encounter by selecting the "New Visit" button. This guides them to the recording page, where hitting the “Record” button starts the audio capture of the visit. 

Physicians can then carry on with their patient conversation as usual. To end the recording and generate the visit note automatically, they simply need to click the checkmark icon once the consultation concludes.

Fluent Health drastically reduces manual data input, freeing up more time for patient care. 


  • Starter package (part-time doctors): CAD 49/month, 100 notes each month.

  • Standard package (full-time doctors): CAD 149/month, unlimited notes + premium support.

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available

Free Trial: Available, including up to 25 notes per month


Freed, an AI-powered solution, simplifies the medical documentation process for healthcare providers. It effortlessly transcribes patient encounters, structures crucial information, and uses distinctive clinician-generated documents, bypassing the need for scribe training. 

The tool can review and seamlessly import the refined note into your preferred EHR with a single click, ensuring efficient and accurate documentation.

The platform creates After Visit Summaries that adhere to medical standards and enhance its performance with every use. 


  • Free: 10 free visits

  • Freed: $99/ month with unlimited visits

  • Group: Contact them for custom pricing 

Free Trial: Available

DeepCura AI

DeepCura, powered by its AI-driven features, offers customization options. It can tailor up to 100 clinical headers and integrate various media types, such as audio recordings, screenshots, and PDFs, into the documentation. 

Its evidence-based AI assistant supports clinical decision-making in line with FDA guidance. Features like custom prompts and clinical templates enhance documentation accuracy and efficiency. 

DeepCura's AI Nurse feature further reduces the workload by handling tasks such as pre-charting, scheduling, and billing. 

Pricing: Available upon request. Contact DeepCura for a detailed quote based on your practice's needs.

Free Trial: Available


DeepScribe is another AI-driven medical transcription software offering comprehensive documentation of patient encounters. Healthcare professionals can effortlessly start recording patient meetings using an iPhone or iPad without requiring specific voice commands. 

It smartly filters out irrelevant chatter, zeroing in on crucial medical details to compile detailed notes suitable for EHR systems. Clinicians can then conveniently review, adjust, and finalize these notes within the EHR, significantly enhancing documentation efficiency. 

Powered by ambient AI technology, DeepScribe expedites chart closures and guarantees thoroughness in records.

Pricing: Available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo only


Suki offers seamless note generation, dictation, and EHR integration. Designed for flexibility, it operates in ambient, dictation, or command modes, allowing clinicians to document patient interactions in their preferred style.

Powered by sophisticated AI, including an automatic speech recognizer trained on medical terminology and machine learning algorithms, Suki personalizes the documentation process, becoming more intuitive with each use. 

Its deep integration with EHR systems streamlines workflows, enabling the insertion of live patient data into notes and ensuring smooth synchronization of completed notes. 

Pricing: Suki provides customized pricing plans. Get in touch with their sales team. 

Free Trial: A free trial period available upon request

Tali AI

Tali introduces an innovative approach to medical documentation through its ambient scribe functionality. It allows physicians to engage in patient conversations while it captures and documents essential medical details, streamlining the creation of comprehensive notes. 

With advanced NLP, medical language models, and speech recognition, Tali reduces documentation time by directly recording notes into the EMR. Its intuitive voice-enabled interface simplifies dictation and adeptly handles medical terminology and grammar instructions. 

Moreover, Tali enhances the EHR experience by enabling voice-command access to patient documentation, eliminating time-consuming manual searches.

Its medical search feature further supports healthcare practitioners by providing reliable, evidence-based information on drugs and dosages from trusted sources.


  • Premium: CAD 45/month

  • Pro: CAD 135/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available


ScribeLink provides a distinctive medical scribing solution that allows physicians to engage with patients and communicate through a linked headset simultaneously. This enables the scribe to document directly into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and relay necessary information to the physician, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Utilizing ScribeLink's services means that physicians must merely review and approve the notes following each patient interaction, considerably lightening their administrative load.

Pricing: $15 per hour

Free Trial: Contact for free analysis

AutoScribe by Mutuo Health Solutions

AutoScribe by Mutuo Health Solutions combines technology with human expertise to offer scribing solutions that enhance the quality of patient care. 

They stand out for incorporating clinical knowledge that is finely tuned to support 33 medical disciplines. This advancement ensures greater accuracy in capturing and interpreting medical dialogues.

The system is designed for convenience and efficiency. It accepts input through either an in-room microphone or a mobile device and delivers outputs in approximately 30 seconds. This rapid turnaround allows doctors to review and augment the documentation promptly. 


  • Part-time (80 monthly encounters*): Basic: $66/month; Intermediate: $130/month; Premium: $200/month

  • Full-time (unlimited use): Basic: $155/month; Intermediate: $195/month; Premium: $300/month

*Additional visits: Basic: $1/visit; Intermediate: $1.25/visit; Premium: $1.25/visit

Free Trial: 1-month free trial available

Key Takeaways

The role of medical scribe solutions will undoubtedly become even more integral to the healthcare industry, offering a brighter future for providers and patients.

Medical scribe tools have evolved from manual note-takers to sophisticated, technology-enhanced solutions. These tools improve documentation accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, allowing doctors to focus more on patient care.

Technological advancements, such as AI, ML, and remote scribing, continue to expand the capabilities and accessibility of medical scribe tools. Various solutions, like Fluent Health, are available to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers.

Try Fluent for free and enjoy an AI-powered medical scribe!